public talks

3 November 2012

Morning session
Moderators: Maria Bostenaru and Fredrik Palm
10:00-10:15   Presentation of participants
10:15-10:30   Maria Bostenaru, UAUIM
10:30-10:45   Daniel Alves, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal
                    WG1 overview
10:45-11:00   Fredrik Palm, Umea University, Sweden
                    WG2 overview
11:00-11:15   Cofee break
11:15-11:35   Oana Caplescu, UAUIM
                    New media in architecture abstract Caplescu
11:35-11:55   Diana Gheorghe, University of Bucharest
                    Flood risk assessment using GIS, Study case from Romania (Bistrita)
11:55-12:15   Andreea Popa, UAUIM abstract Popa
                    Readability of the landscape with modern techniques
12:15-12:35   Tincuta Heinzel, University of Sorbonne
                    The role of the digital component in cultural projects 
                    Website of the "Artists in industry" project, an example of such
12:35-12:55   Cristina Enache, UAUIM
                    Landscape in the age of information technology
13:15-13:35   Mihaela Harmanescu, UAUIM
                    The educational dimension of digital methods in parametric design in urban planning 
13:35-13:55   Sergiu Petrea, UAUIM
                    Dacical castles in Orastie mountains

13:55-14:55 Lunch 

Afternoon session
Moderators: Maria Bostenaru Dan and Marina Mihăilă
14:55-15:10   Shawn Day, Digital Humanities Observatory, Irland
                    Commentary on previous WG1 workshops
15:10-15:25   Orla Murphy, University College, Cork, Irland
                    Commentary on previous WG2 workshops
15:25-15:40   Jean-Christophe Plantin, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
                    Conclusions on discussions in Bucharest
15:40-16:25    Marina Mihăilă, UAUIM
                    3D modeling in architectural design
                    - Sorina Vlăiescu
                    - Andreea Niţu
                      Urban pavillion
                    - Cătălin Caragea
                      Cultural route on Calea Victoriei
16:25-16:55   Maria Bostenaru, UAUIM; Thomas Panagopoulos, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal
16:55-17:55   Discussion
on skype       Daniela Calciu, University of Cincinatti
                    Digital representation of lost patterns of turn of the century housing

Dinner at "Chez Marie"



Marian Radoi, i-Partner and ICOMOS (?)
    3D laser scanning
Tiberiu Florescu, UAUIM
    Introduction on the role of digital methods in architecture and urbanism
Cerasella Crăciun, UAUIM
    Lost gardens
Augustin Ioan, UAUIM
      Virtual heritage: some critical comments
Alexandru Nancu, HAR foundation
      reSITUS project
Alexandru Calcatinge, UAUIM
    Virtual landscape
Irina Moscu, Dan Adrian Ionescu, UAUIM
    Virtual reality in arts of the spectacle 

Maria Bostenaru,
Nov 24, 2012, 11:22 PM
Maria Bostenaru,
Nov 24, 2012, 11:17 PM